1329 - Maximum

Time Limit : 1 Second

Memory Limit : 128 MB

Submission: 472

Solved: 91

Give you lots of numbers.For each line, find the maximum one, and add them up.
The first line is the number of cases.
For each case, the first line is a number N, indicate there are N lines.
Next N Lines, each line has a lot of numbers.
And for each line:
    no more than 10000 numbers.
    each number is a signed 32-bit integer.
    there is exact one blank between two integers.
    there is no other characters after the last number.
The total number for each case are not exceed 1000000.

1.Huge input data,scanf is recommended.
2.signed 32-bit integer is ranged in [-2^31,2^31)
3.The ans will exceeded 32-bit integer
4.output 64-bit integer please use "%lld" not "%I64d", and define it will be "long long"
5.please remember clear the counter in every case loop.
6.the chareater of line break is '\n' and it's ASCII is 13
For each case, output a number indicate the sum.
sample input
01 02 03 04 05
07 08 09 10 06
13 14 15 11 12
19 20 16 17 18
25 21 22 23 24
sample output
Zehua Hong
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